Dr. Natan Yaker, Director of Surface Skin Spa

About Dr. Natan Yaker

Dr. Natan Yaker serves as the Medical Director of Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas and oversees Surface Skin Spa located within our Plano, TX plastic surgery suite. Dr. Yaker completed medical school at the Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia. Following medical school, he completed his general surgery internships in Florida and New York. After moving with his family to Texas, Dr. Yaker began building his own practice and became board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. While Dr. Yaker performs both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, he understands that not all patients are ready for a surgical procedure. He established Surface Skin Spa to offer clients the latest options in nonsurgical skin rejuvenation. This includes a wide spectrum of skin treatments and anti-aging procedures that allow his patients to look and feel younger without surgery.

Dr. Yaker's Specialties

Dr. Yaker specializes in a number of plastic surgery procedures including face and eye lifting, nose reshaping, breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, tummy tuck, the mommy makeover, liposuction, and much more. As a highly regarded and sought out practitioner, Dr. Yaker takes pride in being considered a leader in his field of medicine. Under his leadership and guidance, Surface Skin Spa offers patients a number of injectable treatments ranging from wrinkle relaxers, such as Botox, as well as the latest filler options. He has employed a talented and licensed staff to perform medical grade facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and countless laser treatments that defy aging and allow the skin to appear younger and flawless.

Learn More About Dr. Yaker

Dr. Yaker is well respected by his peers, patients and staff. Regularly reading plastic surgery journals and meeting with other plastic surgeons to identify current issues and advancements keeps Dr. Yaker up to date on all the surgeries he performs. As well, he attends plastic surgery meetings annually increasing his knowledge of surgical procedures and innovative technology in the plastic surgery industry. Sought out by the media a number of times, as well as being considered a vessel for unprecedented wisdom and knowledge, Dr. Yaker is an esteemed cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in the Dallas/Plano area. We invite you to learn more about Dr. Yaker.


"Dr. Yaker is an excellent doctor; I’m extremely happy with my procedure! I waited a long time to have a lip lift because I wanted to find someone who had experience with this procedure. He is very exact with his work. I am so happy I had this procedure done."



"This Has Been a Uniquely Amazing Experience! - I started to consider this surgery about 10 years ago. I am a 42 year old mother of four. I have had health issues for over 20 years. CFS and Hypothyroidism are just two of the illnesses that I have. I felt like I wore my illness on my face. With my brow line being so low, and only getting worse with age, I knew that I needed to take this step. Despite doing my best to look put together, I was always told that I looked so tired. The truth is I always feel tired. I just don’t want everyone to know it, lol. That is why I worked so hard to try to cover it up with makeup and products....which wasn’t working. I started to do research about two years before my surgery. I knew that I wanted a natural look. I wanted to look like me, just not so exhausted. I read about the procedure, complications, cost, everything! I found Dr. Yaker and did more research on his education, technique, and experience. I was immediately convinced that he was the only one that I would trust. The first visit he sat and talked with my husband and I. He understood exactly, and more importantly why I felt the way I did about my exhausted appearance. He knew what I needed and showed us beautiful before and after pictures of previous patients. He patiently and thoroughly went through the whole process with us. His staff was always kind and helpful. After the surgery he and his staff displayed perfect bedside manner. They were always reassuring and helpful. I even had phone calls to check up on me between visits. I will always be grateful for this experience that has truly made a huge difference to me. Dr. Yaker has such skill that the end result is so natural but makes such a phenomenal difference. He understands that I wanted this procedure, not just to look better, but more importantly to feel better. There are many illness that ones have to deal with. Many of them do not have a cure. Surgeries and procedures that Dr. Yaker so skillfully performs eases living with such illnesses. I hope that he and his staff come to know how appreciative we are of their work."



"My Gratifying Experience with Dr. Natan Yaker, Plano, TX - I'm 50 years young and for all of my life, I've lived with huge sagging unattractive breast, that I was ashamed of. I did nothing to cause this, but be born with bad genes. I struggled for many years considering a breast reduction and breast lifts. I had previously had a tummy tuck over 10 years ago with another surgeon, where my results were less than desirable. So, I was hesitant and afraid of having a similar experience. I discussed my fears and concerns with my close friend RJ. She was a great source to talk to because a few years ago she had breasts implants and she was ecstatic with her results. So after many discussions with RJ, I finally took her advice and called her surgeon Dr. Yaker. I could tell you, I had the surgery, because the large size of my breasts hurt my neck and my back, but the simple truth is, I wanted to look better. I knew if I looked better, I'd feel better about myself. From my first phone conversation with his staff, I felt at ease and comfortable. His staff was pleasant and efficient, booking my consultation appointment immediately. Once at my consultation, I was greeted by Sheri at the front desk. She was pleasant and eager to assist me with my patient forms. Within minutes I was in Dr. Yaker's office. He was very kind and patient, but more than that, he listened to what I wanted. Then he discussed my expectations and gave me honest feedback. I even told him about my tummy tuck and I wanted to have another because I was unsatisfied with the first one. He and his nurse, Kristen looked over and viewed my tummy tuck incisions, and the first thing he said was, "Well, you don't need another tummy tuck, maybe some liposuction, but that would be all you'd need in this area". I was shocked and relieved because my original surgeon advised me I would need a second tummy tuck. Dr. Yaker could have been like most surgeons and simply took my money for a surgery I didn't truly need and penciled me in, but instead he was honest. There was no greed or selfish intent behind his consult. That's the type of surgeon you want. An honest one. He is the best. His bedside manner is impeccable. I love him and his staff. So, I had a breast reduction in October 2019, that Dr. Yaker performed.I healed in about 3 to 4 months and I've been healthy and happy every since. I highly recommend Dr. Yaker in Plano. He's awesome. Jackie J."



"One of my Dreams Come True! - I have always been really self conscious of my labia minora, it prevented me from having intercourse and caused severe mental health issues from embarrassment, and also seemed to cause several physical health issues as well. I seemed to have a UTI literally once a month. I had been researching labiaplasty for years, since I was 14, and I am 23 now. And for the last 2 years I had my eye on Dr. Natan Yakers work. I finally one day decided it was time to do something for me. I was able to get a consult within a few days of calling, and the day of my consult was able to book a date for surgery. Dr. Yaker and the staff made me feel extremely comfortable and they were all so nice and reassuring. Surgery was smooth, the recovery was a little rough but Dr. Yaker was always helpful and did whatever he could to make it easier. For a while, I truly was a little worried because one side was more swollen than the other, but Dr. Yaker assured me that when it was all healed it would be seamless and look natural. Sure enough, after about 8 weeks, everything looked perfect. I’ve never felt more confident & I haven’t had a UTI since the surgery, which was on 7/28 & it is now 11/08. I highly recommend Dr. Yaker for anyone who was going through what I did. He and his staff are truly life changers and made a huge dream of mine come true. As an incentive for posting a review, this reviewer received an entry into RealSelf’s monthly $500 gift card giveaway"



"Amazing Results! Extremely Satisfied - I consulted Dr. Yaker for lipo on the inner thighs. After meeting with him and reviewing his results, I also had a “re-do” of lipo that was done by another surgeon on the flanks, back, and upper abdomen. Dr. Yaker is an amazing surgeon with an excellent bedside manner. His skill, attention to detail, and desire to do the best possible work-the first time, is why I will be seeing Dr. Yaker again should I need any other work done! I wish I had sought his services the first time. I am beyond pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Yaker!"



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